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Fratelli Indicator

Fratelli Indicators


The Fratelli indicators are one type under mt4 indicators that works based on the mechanism of MACD.

The MACD indicator is expanded as Moving average convergence and divergence.

These Fratelli mt4 indicators will work with any currency pair.

The Fratelli indicators work by taking trading signal strength or weakness as input.

The output of the Fratelli indicators are denoted by color dots which are explained below,

In the Fratelli indicators,

  • If green color dots appear above the zero line, it has high trend strength.
  • If purple color dots appear below the zero line, it has a low trend value.

While trading with Fratelli indicators in the Indian stock market,

  • Buyers can buy any stock when the first green signal appears.
  • Sellers can sell any stocks when the purple signal appears.

The Fratelli indicators in MT4 use conjunction with trader’s technical tools such as,

  • Trading trend lines.
  • Trading data feed support level.
  • Trader’s residence level in the Indian market.
  • Traders have to enter into the trading when the blue dots appear above the zero line and print the lime color dots.
  • Traders can set a stop loss signal on Fratelli indicators in MT4 at the fractal below the entry candle.
  • Traders can close the trading market as soon as the Fratelli indicators print red color histogram bars.

The mt4 indicators results will fit on data feed charts perfectly.

The most important thing about this indicator in MT4 is they are a well-equipped system; hence it will give accurate results.


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