Scalping Trend

Scalping Trend is designed & developed to capture quick profits of high volumes within a short span of time.

Our Scalping Metatrader4 Premimum indicator make your scalping trades profitable. We provide Scalping Trend premium indicator along with MT4 data feed at best pricing.

MT4 buy sell indicator

Scalping Trend V1.0

MT4 buy sell indicator
Premium Indicator

Special Features

  • No repaint scalping trend indicator
  • Buy / Sell Signal with Target and SL
  • Best Suited for intraday 
  • Trend scanner
  • Trend strength meter
  • Neutral / Sideways Trend Filter
  • Dual Confirmation
  • Attractive / User Friendly Dashboard
  • Works on metatrader4 desktop version
  • Push notification alert available

Buy / Sell / Target / SL

For every BUY / SELL entry we will get values for

    • Buy / Sell (Entry price)
    • Target-1
    • Target-2
    • Stop Loss
    • Trailing StopLoss
    • Booked P&L (Difference between entry price to target or stoploss booked)
mt4 premium indicator
mt4 premium indicator

Trend Scanner

The trend scanner dashboard scans and displays the current trend of the market from multiple timeframes, either UP trend or Down trend for the consecutive timeframes.

You can control what timeframes should be displayed in dashboard from the indicator properties. This will help to analyse overall trend from multiple timeframes.

Trendy Dashboard

Our trendy dashboard displays important fields in user friendly manner.

  • BUY or SELL entry with Target-1, Target-2 & Stop Loss
  • Status will display current entry status as Open or TGT-1 hit or TGT-2 hit or SL hit
  • Live P&L is a difference between entry point to the current market price
  • Booked P&L is a difference between entry point to the Target or SL triggered first
    mt4 premium indicator
    mt4 premium indicator

    Trailing Stop Loss

    Main Feature of our scalping trend indicator is the trailing or moving stoploss feature. It will help as to book good profit with minimal risk point.

    Traders we can book profit with first target or second target. Alternate option is to move the r stop loss with trailing stop loss values without any targets. 

    How to Trade

    How to confirm strong BUY or SELL signal

    Strong BUY or SELL signal should match following conditions:

    Our Scalping Trend indicator generates Buy or Sell signals. In additional to that, we have to bottom Scalping Strength indicator signal which  should match the colour of the current trend. If both the signals are are of same trend, we can take the entry else we have to wait for next entry.

    MT4 Premium Indicator

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