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Simple Trend Indicator

Simple Trend Indicator


A simple trend indicator is a trend following the MT4 indicator. It can be used on the platform of MT4.

Green bars on the MT4 chart represent the uptrend.

Red bars on the chart represent the Downtrend.

BUY signal – Open BUY when a green candlestick appears in the chart.

SELL signal: Open SELL when the red candlestick appears in the chart.

EXIT: Use your method for EXIT trade.

This MT4 indicator can work well in trending markets but less in sideways markets.

Customization options: Variable(average period, sensitivity, alerts, enable email notification, push notification), colors, width, and style.

Average Period = 30 – indicator period.

Sensitivity = 3 – sensitivity to price fluctuations.

Enable Alerts = false – enable/disable trading alerts in MetaTrader 4.

Enable Email Notification = false – enable/disable email trading alerts.

Enable Push Notification = false – enable/disable push trading alerts.

You can combine this MT4 indicator with other indicators to trade.

This simple trend indicator is used to detect several changes and dynamics in price. Traders can’t find that information without using the indicators.

Moreover, detecting the price changes or dynamics helps to modify the trading strategies for better trading and profit.

This indicator supports all currency pairs. Also, it works on 1-minute, 15-minute, 30-minute, 1-day, 1-week time frames.

To install this indicator in the MT4 chart, open the data folder and go to MQL4.

After that, go to indicators and paste the file.

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