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Strength Meter Indicator

Strength Meter Indicator

The strength meter indicator is a custom technical indicator. It helps to display the strength of stocks or commodities.

This strength meter indicator works well in MT4, MT5 Platforms, and other platforms.

Using this MT4 indicator, the traders can know which stcck / commodity is performing well.

This indicator supports all time frames, but longer time frames give high accuracy.

Besides, this indicator is not 100% accurate. It works based on two standard methods: the Trend following tool and the trend reversal tool.

This MT4 indicator clearly shows the buy and sell signal. The separate line that appears on the MT4 chart indicates Currency strength.

Strength: The line starts moving upward.

Weakness: The line starts moving downward.

Indicator period: Modify the number of periods used for plotting the price movements.

Indicator applied price: It allows the trader to select the Price data source ( Close, Open, low, high, Median price, Typical Price, or weighted price).

It helps to detect the currency’s strengths and weaknesses.

It comes with a built-in alert and notifications.

It can be used in multiple time frames.

This indicator is very convenient to use.


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