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T3 CCI MT4 Indicator

T3 CCI MT4 Indicator

T3 CCI is a trend oscillator MT4 indicator that generates simple trend-following trading signals.

This indicator allows traders to closely monitor the past price action data over the selected time frames.

T3 CCI suits all timeframes, and it works only in MT4 trading platforms.

It supports both scalping and day trading. Besides, this indicator is a combination of CCI and T3 MA.

This MT4 indicator uses the bars to show the trend conditions that carry the indicator value on the MT4 chart.

T3 CCI parameters:

CCI Period – Commodity Channel Index indicator period.

CCI Type of price – Price used for the indicator calculation.

T3 Period – Sniper period.

B – Sniper multiplier.

Method for finding divergences – Classical divergence and Reverse divergence.

Trading View:

Bullish trend: The indicator value turns positive.

Bearish trend: The indicator value turns negative.

If the indicator value signals turn into an opposite trend, you can EXIT.

BUY conditions:

BUY triggers when the CCI indicator turns Green, and the indicator value turns positive.

Stop Loss – Below the recent low of the market.

If the indicator value turns negative, EXIT long/take profit.

SELL conditions:

SELL triggers when the bars turn red, and the indicator value turns negative.

Stop Loss – Above the recent high of the market.

If the indicator value turns positive, EXIT short/take profit.

To sum it up, Not all the MT4 indicators are 100% accurate.

We would highly recommend downloading and installing this indicator on your MT4 charts and checking whether it suits your trading or not.

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