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3 Bar Breakout

3 Bar Breakout for Amibroker

Generally, it is usual for new traders to complicate their trading methods. Would you like to trade easily and gain profit? If so, this 3 Bar breakout for Amibroker is the best option, and its trade setup is quite simple.

3 Bar Breakout for Amibroker is

Immensely simple system.

Ideal for daily & weekly charts.

It can be used anywhere.

It is best used as a Reversal point at the end of a trend or after a period of consolidation.

This AFL works well in higher time frames.

Basic Long setup:

Take the highest high and lowest low of the last three candles.

The current candle is not included because it is the trigger candle.

Go long if the price breaks above the high by 10 points.

If the price does not trigger, then wait for the candle to close and look for another possible setup the next day.

Use your method to exit the trade.

Many traders overcomplicate their trading methods, which often leads to poor execution, leading to sub-optimal returns.

The simplest approach is the best for trading in Amibroker. Better to have a fair plan executed well rather than a complicated plan executed poorly.

Moreover, this 3 bar breakout for Amibroker is simple to set up. Most advanced traders prefer to use this AFL because this is ideal for the ends of trends or periods of consolidation.

Also, This AFL works in all time frames, but it is recommended to use a longer time frame for better results.

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