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ADX Trend Indicator

ADX Trend Indicator

Trading in a strong trend reduces the risk of failure and increases profit.

Likewise, one of the ultimate trend indicators in MT4 indicators is the ADX trend indicator. It helps to determine when the price trends strongly.

ADX calculations:

ADX indicator is calculated based on the moving average of price range expansion. 

This indicator is fit to work with all timeframes. However, the default time setting is 14 bars.

Besides, using this MT4 indicator, you can trade stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and futures.

It is a Non-directional Mt4 indicator.

ADX indicator plots a single line and the values ranging from low to high (0-100).

DMI – Directional Movement indicator.

+DMI is above -DMI + price moving up – This indicates the upward strength.

-DMI is above +DMI + prices moving down – This indicates the downward strength.

Trading Strategy:

To distinguish trending and non-trending conditions, the values are most important. If the ADX readings are above 25, it indicates that the trend is strong. 

ADX value (0-25) – Absent or weak trend.

ADX value (25-50) – Strong trend.

ADX value (50-75) – very strong trend.

ADX value (75-100) – Extremely strong trend.

Buy Signal – ADX indicator and price goes UP, value above 20, and +DI > -DI.

Sell signal – ADX indicator goes UP, the price goes down, value above 20, and -DI > +Di.

To summarize, the ADX Trend MT4 indicator is best for identifying the trend conditions. And, traders get the best profits if they trade in the strongest trend.

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