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 All TF Indicator


The AII TF indicator is one of the best trading MT4 indicators. It is mainly used to know existing buy and sell entries of trading.

Not only this MT4 indicator is helpful to trade on NSE / MCX and Options but also for forex trading.

With the help of the average fan, the indicator can know the direction of the trend.

This average fan performs by evaluating the overall average entry points of market trades.

Three color schemes are used in this indicator such as green, blue, and red. These color schemes should be arranged in a good manner so that the traders can understand them easily.

This MT4 indicator doesn’t require deep knowledge to work with it.


Buy and Sell:

 It has two positions including long and short positions to perform BUY and SELL conditions. 

Plot Levels:

It ensures that the entrance signals are perfect for showing the different calculations. So, the traders can see the direction of the parameter.

Finally, you can trade with this AII TF MT4 Indicator based on the trend and existing buy and sell.

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