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Black Dog Indicator

Black Dog Indicator

Black Dog Trading Indicator is an MT4 indicator used for daily trade.

The Black Dog System is a well-known MT4 indicator used for a highly effective trend-following trading approach.

Using this indicator, both beginners and experienced can trade and gain profits easily.

Parameters :

XP Moving Average: This channel forms by the combination of two moving averages. With the help of it, we can buy and sell.

Bullish market: The channel is green.

Bearish market: The channel is red.

MACD: MACD acts as a confirmation tool. It oscillates (In and Out) between bullish and bearish zones.

Arrows: The last confirmations before we complete a trade are represented by arrows.

Buy – Blue arrow in the chart points North.

Sell – Red arrow in the chart points south.

Buy Condition:

The price should be inside the XP moving average channel’s range.

Below the price chart, a blue arrow should appear.

When the MACD comes in a positive area, it is time to buy.

Set your stop-loss immediately below the most recent swing low.

Profits should be taken when the MACD histogram on the MACD indicator window passes the red line to the downside.

Sell Condition:

The price should be inside the XP moving average channel’s range.

Above the price chart, a red arrow should appear.

Sell once MACD comes into negative territory.

Set your stop-loss immediately above the recent swing high.

Use the above strategy to trade using the Black dog system. Moreover, the Black Dog System of Mt4 indicators is used for trading in any Indian market.

Furthermore, this method is compatible with any timeframe that our customized indicator is offered on the trading view platform.



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