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Demark Trend Line Indicator

Demark Trend Line Indicator

The demark trend line indicator gives details about supply level in the stock market. This trend line indicator provides automatic data chart drawings. Based on these drawings user can execute the order along with the old trend or newly formed trend.

In demark trend line mt4 indicators, data lines are used to know the trading levels. There are three types of lines present in this indicator. Such as

Red color line: The red line is a basic trend line, and this is a good place to look for a potential setup.

Light green color line: The light green color line represents the minor resistance, and the dark green color represents the major resistance.

Dark red color line: The dark red line is very important in demark trend line indicator, and it represents any pair’s rigid support or resistance.

All the above details are just an introduction to the demark Trend line indicators in mt4.

By knowing this, a person cannot trade on the Indian trade market because the Indian trade market is like an ocean. So you need to get more familiar with demark trend line indicators before you trade.

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