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 Fiji Trend Indicator

Fiji Trend MT4 Indicator

Fiji Trend is an MT4 indicator that is used to follow the trend. It is simple but effective to use.

You can use this Fiji Trend indicator in all timeframes. It includes 1-minute, 5-minutes, 15-minutes, 30-minutes, 1-Hour, 4-hours, Daily, weekly, and Monthly.

Buy trade:

First, with the help of Moving average (MA), you should recognize whether the current trend is bullish or not.

For that, you can use a 200 period EMA (Exponential Moving Average).

Once the green arrow appears, wait until the candle closes. Now, you can open a buy trade.

Stop Loss – Below the last swing low of the market.

Sell trade:

Once you recognize the current trend as bearish, wait for the red arrow to appear, and the candle closes.

After that, open a sell trade.

Stop Loss – Above the last swing high of the market.

For your reference, here we attached the screenshot of the Fiji Trend Indicator for your MT4 chart. Take a look at it.

Fiji Trend Indicator is worth adding to your MT4 data feed collections. It can increase the chance of success in trading.

However, this MT4 indicator doesn’t provide 100% accurate signals.

But, most of the advanced traders believe that this indicator predicts the current market trend.

Furthermore, Installing this indicator on your MT4 chart is quite simple.

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