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GFK Indicator

GFK MT4 Indicator

GFK indicator is one of the simplest trend-following MT4 indicators. It is specially designed for newbie traders to assist them with the correct trend and the trade signal.

After installing this Indicator, your trading MT4 chart will appear like the following image,

This GFK indicator indicates the trend signals for that it uses a separate indicator window.

It signals GREEN when the trend is BULLISH.

The signal turns RED while the trend is BEARISH.

Moreover, you can use this MT4 Indicator for trade EXIT purposes. You can EXIT the trade if the Indicator signals the opposite trend compared to your current trade direction.

GFK MT4 indicator – Buy parameters:

First, the Indicator should turn Green.

The Trade signal panel in the MT4 chart shows the ‘BUY signal.’

When the above conditions are met, the BUY triggers.

You can set the Stop Loss below the current swing low of the market.

Exit while long.

And, you can take profit while the indicators turn RED.

GFK MT4 indicator – Sell Parameters:

The Indicator turns RED.

Sell signal shown by the trade signal panel.

You can SELL when the above conditions are met.

Set Stop Loss above the current swing high of the market.

Exit while Short.

You can take profit whenever this GFK indicator turns GREEN.

The indicators play a vital role in trading. So, choosing the indicators for your trade to gain profit is quite important.

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