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KG Trend Following MT4 Indicator

KG Trend Following MT4 Indicator


KG Trend is a trend following indicator, which is also called bouncing EMA. This indicator is a combination of MT4 indicators and templates.

The price goes UP and DOWN on the MT4 chart based on the trend. When the price spike, this movement will happen after the big trend.

This indicator consists of

MACD(12, 26, 9).

Stochastic (5,3,3).

EMA 100 (Red) – Medium trend.

EMA 200 (Yellow) – Big trend.

If the price touches the 50 EMA (30 minutes) and 100 EMA (1 hour) timeframe, the price will consolidate and go UP and DOWN based on the market trend.

KG Trend MT4 indicator Analysis:


Before you go to trade, you should follow some strict requirements to use this indicator.

Wait for MACD confirmation to cross before starting your trade.

Make sure that stochastic is going down.

The market price bounces 70 pips from the peak candle in a 1-hour timeframe. So, You can gain the expected profit in 30-40 pips from the peak candle.

Set the stop loss 25-30 pips. Take profit with 30 pips while the trend is strong.

 Most advanced traders believe that this MT4 indicator can give a 96% winning rate. We also provide this indicator with high accuracy and an MT4 data feed.

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