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Nitro Signals

Nitro Signals

Nitro signals MT4 indicators are best for the traders who want to analyze the market more precisely and trade accurately.

This MT4 indicator provides the trading signals you can use directly for your trading.

Also, it tells you when you should stop trading from a specific instrument.

This Nitro signal supports all timeframes, but it is best to use in M5 times frames in the MT4 chart.

Buy Signals:

Nitro Signals – Blue color indicates the BUY signal.

Clearchart: It appears as white color.

RSI – Above level 60.

Sell signals:

Nitro signals: Red color indicates the SELL signal.

Cleachart: It appears black.

RSI – Below level 40.

Trading Notes:

Place the initial stop loss below the clear chart indicator for BUY.

Place the initial stop loss above the clear chart indicator for SELL.

Based on the stop loss, you can take a profit 1:2 or 1:3 ratio.

This nitro signals indicator is easy to use, and it is suitable for beginners and experience-level traders.

It is better to practice the MT4 demo account before trading in the live market to gain confidence.

Downloading and installing this indicator into the MT4 chart is simple. Furthermore, it can be used on all Forex pairs.

Finally, hundreds+ of indicators are available with us. Also, we provide the MT4 chart India at an affordable price in the market.

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