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OsMA Indicator

OsMA – Oscillator of Moving Average.

It is a technical MT4 indicator. With its help, the traders can find the difference between an oscillator and its moving average.

The most common oscillator used in the OsMA indicator is MACD.

Calculation of OsMA:

OSMA = Oscillator value – Moving Average Value.

First, select an oscillator and time frame. After that, select the MA type and number of periods in the MA.

Before calculating the MA value, calculate the Oscillator value.

To get the OsMA reading, take the difference between the oscillator and MA. Repeat these steps as each period ends.

Trading Strategy of OsMA indicator.

MA – It moves slower than the oscillator.

Increasing the OSMA indicates the Bullish, and decreasing the OsMA indicates the Bearish.

If the OsMA moves from a negative to a positive market, it indicates the uptrend.

If the OsMA moves the positive to the negative, the downtrend will start.

OSMA is also called a lagging indicator because sometimes it will provide outdated information.

Anyways, the OsMA MT4 indicators are suitable for all traders. And it helps the traders visualize the market’s trend strength.

Like all other methods, trading with this OsMA indicator is not always successful.

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