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Quick Fix System

Quick Fix Forex System


Quick Fix Forex system offers an eye-catching trade setup for the traders. Also, the chances of winning rate are high in this system.

This MT4 indicator is easy to read, and it suits all timeframes. Besides, it allows the traders to trade in any Forex currency pairs.

This QFF system generates BUY/SELL signal based on five parameters which include 50 EMA(Hgh/Low), 15 EMA, Super Trigger V1, MACD, and QFF session time.

BUY parameters:


Price closes above 15 EMA.

15 EMA crosses and holds above the 50 EMA high/low channel.

Super trigger V1 plots an upward green arrow.

MACD turns positive with a rising intent.

Buy triggers at the respective bullish bar’s high.

Set stop-loss below 50 EMA.

1:2 risk-reward ratio, you can gain profit/Exit long.

SELL parameters:


Bearish candle price closes below 15 EMA.

15 EMA moves and holds below 50 EMA high/low channels.

Super trigger V1 plots downward red arrow.

MACD turns negative with down intent.

Sell triggers at the respective bearish bar’s low.

Stop-loss limit above 50 EMA.

Rish reward ratio 1:2, you can gain profit/Exit long.

Installing this QFF MT4 indicator in your MT4 chart is easy, and it takes only a few minutes.

Although this indicator’s winning rate is high, it holds a higher risk.


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