When somebody talks about technical analysis and algorithmic trading system development, what is the first word that pops in your head? If it isn’t the “Amibroker” then you are living a medieval life. Amibroker is the foremost tool that plays a pivotal role in the above-said process. All these years, it has positioned itself at the top among its competitors due to its robust set of features and ease of learning. Even a novice person who has no inclination of programming and is a non-tech savvy individual would get comfortable on Amibroker in no time.


Amibroker is US based software. It is efficient enough to handle foreign data but experiences trouble while handling Indian data. To help Amibroker with this, software called data feeder is custom designed by different companies to give Indian stock data to Amibroker. The data feeder is installed in the client’s system. It is only after the software’s installation, analysts can easily analyse the Indian stock market. Liv feed is one such software. It is known to be better than the rest available in the market. The features help the person to run the data without any technical glitch.

Here is everything you should know about a Data feeder for Amibroker:

  • It provides precisely accurate streaming data and charts for individual’s needs. 
  • An efficient data feed is refreshed in a blink of an eye, providing the fastest tick by the tick data feed. 
  • Uploading the stock market data is a challenging task. Analysing them is even tougher. What one needs is software that can do this job for them. The data feed is designed to offer ease of use. It connects to the database of Amibroker within seconds. 
  • A data feed software comes at a pocket-friendly price. The software is easy to install and can be worked upon without any difficulty. 
  • It requires a specific type of system to run smoothly. if you wish to install one, you must have MS Windows-07, Dual Core with 2GB RAM. 
  • The software is highly reliable with open, high, low and close matching
  • Software is supported by a robust customer support team that helps with its installation and debugging issues.
  • The user gets up to 180-day backfill in a 1-minute interval
  • It is a user-friendly software that helps him to get the best trading and analysis experience while handling Indian data.

Infinitecharts.com offers you its Data feed software “LivFeed” to experience what is to be like trading without any stress. The software is designed with the latest framework and cutting edge technology to deliver accurate data to Amibroker. The software is backed by high performance, dedicated servers. They ensure that each of its clients gets the best experience with no trouble whatsoever. 

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