Template Guide

Step by Step Template / Indicator Guide to ease your Trading!

IC Advanced Colour Trend

Best Suited Timeframe:  15 Mins / 30 Mins / 1 Hr

  • 5 minutes & 15 minutes for Intraday
  • 30 minutes & 1 hour for positional

Conditions for Buy:

  1. Candle Colour turns BLUE
  2. Buy when GREEN arrow appears with GREEN bars & Trend bars turns GREEN
  3. Maintain Trailing Stop loss appears with GREEN arrow

 Conditions for Sell:

  1. Candle Colour turns RED
  2. Buy when RED arrow appears with RED bars & Trend bars turns RED
  3. Maintain Trailing Stop loss appears with RED arrow


Directions for Trading

  1. Always use higher timeframes for better Signals
  2. Wait for the candle to Close
  3. Avoid Taking Buy/Sell when all the Condition are not Satisfied

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